Currently, we are in the commercial Angus cattle business. We wean all calves and precondition them for a minimum 45 days before shipping.

Steer calves are sold in the Piedmont Cattle Marketing Association Board Sale on the third Thursday in August each year. The top end of the heifer crop is developed and offered for sale as replacement heifers. Since 1992, we have focussed on developing functional commercial heifers to be marketed to producers of all sizes.

We have sold bred heifers to buyers throughout Alabama and in many surrounding states. Calves raised on Collins Farm have been shipped to buyers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

We have gathered carcass information on our cattle since 1992. For some of these years we have gotten carcass data on the entire steer crop; in other years, we have gathered information on a representative 10-20 head.