BRED HEIFER OPEN HOUSE SALE April 28th at the Farm

Thank You to all who joined us for this year’s OPEN HOUSE SALE

Saturday, April 28th at Noon (Central) at the Farm

We appreciate all who joined us for a beautiful day and appreciate your support!

Please check back as we will have another group of winter calving heifers in the near future.

Heifers have been through extensive herd health program, and all are  PI-BVD negative. We are in our sixth year evaluating our entire heifer crop using GeneMax Advantage DNA tools.

After a “record winter” in East Alabama these girls are happy to see green grass and warmer weather!



Click on links below to see current videos:

IMG_3551    IMG_3535   IMG_3570   IMG_3474  IMG_3488

collins farm bb_8.5x11

collins farm bb_8.5×11




SUMMIT                                         HORIZON




PROPHET                                          CONFIDENCE